Doselva, S.A.
Doselva, S.A.
Doselva, S.A.


Doselva is an anchor business for smallholder spice farmers in Central America and a trusted supplier of high quality, traceable organic spices for premium international markets. 

As a social enterprise, we strive to be an engine for local economic development and biodiversity enhancement, improving smallholder farmer incomes and expanding climate resilient, forested landscapes in Central America. Doselva is a U.S. Registered Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a Nicaragua registered for-profit business.  


Our value proposition includes the following:
Process raw material into food safe, exportable finished product
Organize farmers to produce higher quality product in larger volumes
Propagate planting material                                                    
Design agroforestry systems
Support farmers with best agriculture practices
Provide farmers with equitable trade terms and access to high value markets.
Offer access to third party certifications